The time I changed my baby on the floor of Target.

I got the boys all loaded up in the car (which is quite an ordeal) and headed off to Target to get a few things we needed. I parked the car and got them strapped into the stroller (because we can't go anywhere without it). As I was loading Eli in the stroller I realized he did something all kinds of nasty in his diaper and I DIDN'T HAVE THE DIAPER BAG. Yep, mom of the year. Thankfully, the store we were at sold diapers and wipes. 

So there I was in the middle of the men's section of Target, changing my baby on the floor with diapers and wipes I hadn't bought yet. Was it embarrassing? Kind of. Thankfully my back was turned so I couldn't see all the people walking by giving me all sorts of terrible mom looks I am sure.


But guess what? Eli is just fine. He loves me just as much as he did the day before. Actually, probably more. Babies are very forgiving and we need to remember that. So this one is for you tired, frazzled, stressed, feel like you are failing at all the things mama... YOU ARE DOING JUST FINE. You are exactly what your baby needs. Are you going to screw up in this new role of motherhood? Yep. Probably lots and lots of times. But you are doing your very best and one day (hopefully) your child will have babies of their own and realize just how hard you tried and how much you still love them. Let's give ourselves a little more grace when we feel like the worst mom on the planet and focus on the things that really matter. You got this. And when you don't, God's got this.

Lots of love,


Megan Smalley2 Comments