Oh magic suit, Oh magic suit.

Oh how we love you, magic suit. I have decided that if I could just invent a product that helps babies sleep, we would be rich. Because it wasn't that long ago, when I was on Amazon at 4AM multiple times a week ordering some new swaddle or sleep product in hopes that it would give me just a few more hours of rest. Yes, desperate, exhausted moms do crazy things. 

We have followed Moms on Call since the beginning and I can't tell you how defeated I felt every time I read the Facebook support group with people sharing their success stories about their 6 and 8 week olds sleeping through the night. I was doing every thing this dang book said to do. And my boys were consistently waking up in the night hungry. At 12 weeks, moms on call recommends to drop the swaddle, but I didn't think my boys were ready. I wanted them to have access to their hands so that they could learn to self soothe, but felt like they needed a swaddle transition. So that's when I took the plunge and decided to order the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. I had read so much about it and I was desperate for sleep. It arrived when my boys were about 13 weeks and by 14/15 weeks, they were both sleeping through the night. I am talking 7AM-7PM. It wasn't an overnight fix, but with consistency of the Moms on call method (we did not do full on cry it out) and the magic suit, we finally turned a HUGE corner. And let me tell you, the gift of sleep was AMAZING.

For naps, my boys wear a short or long sleeve onesie underneath the suit. At night, I usually put them in footed pjs. Either of these options is great or you can put them in the suit with just a diaper. The boys sleep on their backs and alone in their cribs. They now know that the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit is part of our nap/bedtime routine so when I put it on them, it means sleep time. I put the suit on, turn their sound machine on, lay them in the crib and walk out. Sometimes they fuss for a minute or two but they have learned to put themselves to sleep. More on this later. But the moral of the story is.... you need this suit! Plus, look how cute and funny they look! It's worth the $40 just for this picture.

For safe and best sleep results, we recommend babies sleep on their backs and alone in their crib.

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